Stay - 1

Directed by Wiebke von Carosfeld.

STAY (2014) is about a group of people caught at a crossroad, each struggling to find a place to stay, to call home. Abbey (Taylor Schilling) finds herself in love with Dermot (Aidan Quinn), a disgraced professor in his 50s who retreated to the rugged expanse of Connemara years ago. Their happy existence is upended when Abbey finds out she is pregnant and Dermot is too immature to even consider the idea of fatherhood. Uncertain about her own feelings, Abbey decides to return home to Canada.

Back with her dysfunctional father Frank, Abbey realizes that Montreal no longer feels like home. Repeating an age-old pattern, she turns to self-destructive behaviour but in the end, it is a painful discovery about her own mother that sets her free.

Praise for Stay

“The two leads deliver excellent performances: Quinn, affecting a thick Irish brogue, adeptly conveys his character’s rakish charm as well as his underlying vulnerability, while Schilling is deeply radiant and emotionally expressive as the conflicted Abby.” – The Hollywood Reporter