Run & Jump



Directed by Steph Green

Dynamo wife and mother Vanetia (Maxine Clark) is rebuilding the life she loved after her 38-year-old husband suffers a personality-changing stroke. Entering the emotional fray is buttoned-up American researcher Ted Fielding (Will Fort), who’s staying for two months.  Directed by Steph Green (New Boy), Run & Jump is an unconventional love story and authentic portrait of a happy-go-lucky Irish family.

Run & Jump received the Audience Award and the award for ‘Best First Irish Feature’ at the Galway Film Festival.  It was also nominated for the Tribeca Film Festival’s Nora Ephron Prize, as well as the Irish Film and Television Academy award for ‘Best Supporting Actor,’ ‘Best Film,’ and ‘Best Screenplay.’

Praise for Run & Jump:

“A grown up film that refuses to take the easy route; Run & Jump is as real and messy as life itself”– The New York Times.

“This immaculately acted picture positively throbs with humanity and compassion”– The Irish Times. 

“Captures the beauty of an obviously flawed family with remarkable warmth and immediacy”– Variety.