Holy Island


Written and Directed by Robert Manson

David (40’s) is stuck in a run-down port town, waiting for a boat which will take him home. When all boats are suspended indefinitely, he is left in a state of limbo. David is unsure what to do until he meets fellow traveller Rosa (31), who seems to understand the inner workings of the town.

They make an unlikely pair, with Rosa full of fiery exuberance and David desperately burnt-out, but both are intent on leaving the island and returning to their lives. Rosa doesn’t have a ticket for the boat and she’s determined to find one before it departs.

Rosa leads David further into the town and, together, they traverse this strange form of purgatory. They meet the inhabitants of the island and piece together their past lives through shared conversations and memories. David is subjected to visions of his past, revisiting people and places he thought were lost.

When David is confronted by another version of himself, he’s forced to make a decision. With time running out to find a ticket, Rosa will have to face her own past before she can attempt to escape the island. Both David and Rosa must try to regain their souls, piece by piece, before the boat finally sets sail.

In the end, only one of them can be saved. The other must fall.


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